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I was recently unemployed before starting my own business. Yup! I went from having two jobs to none- thank you global pandemic. I worked as a remote social media manager for a hotel in NYC for several years and worked in an office for a jewelry designer. I went from having to commute daily and having no time for myself, to having all of the time in the world. I did nothing with this time for months, besides wallowing in my own thoughts.

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T H E N . . .

I always had my doubts about working for myself, but something led me to finally take the plunge. I started my own social media business and I worked my ass off. Guess what? I onboarded my first client in less than a month as I was filing for my LLC. I replaced the income I was making within no time, got featured in Yahoo Finance and I was doing it all from home by myself! I always looked at successful people who were working for themselves and thought “I wish I were them” or “they’re so lucky. That could never be me.” Well, I freakin’ did it and so can you! My biggest regret in all of this that I didn’t start sooner.

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“Ashly is a wholehearted businesswoman who loves helping other women pursuing their own SMM business and goals. From our discovery call to our 1:1 call she went above and beyond to help me find the answers I need."

I grew up never having a “dream job”, but this passion project rapidly turned into my own sustainable biz. I love bridging the gap between classic/retro and modern in my business practices, personal style, and home decor. I’m an Aquarius whose top played song on Apple Music has been “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac for the past few years. My favorite color is green if that wasn’t obvious enough already. You catch me baking bread on weekends and basking in the early morning sunlight.

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I take pride in showing up authentically in online spaces, letting you know ~exactly~ who you're dealing with! I value working with women-owned businesses and ensuring they feel understood and heard. My approach in my biz is to create communities over striving for vertical growth. Followers ≠ income

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